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We see the biggest improvements to our skin when we commit to a regular regime of home and in-clinic treatments. However, sometimes life events mean that our regular skin routine gets disrupted. Recognising this, MUSE Clinic has selected some of our most popular skin treatments and modified them for home use.

By adjusting our treatments, we’ve been able to retain our impressive clinical improvements whilst keeping the treatment user-friendly, safe and comfortable. The result is the opportunity to achieve further incredible improvements in skin health and appearance even during times of social disruption.

What to Expect

MUSE Clinic has simplified our skin treatments into three categories: our At-home Essentials+ Peel, our At-home Retinol Peel and our At-home microneedling package. Our dermal therapists can assess and recommend the most appropriate treatment. They will then supervise your treatment via video call to oversee the process and make sure the highest safety and clinical outcome is maintained.

  • At-Home Essentials+ Peel
    • This is a blend of a Lactic Acid and concentrated Vitamin A. It’s the perfect peel for improving fine lines and the early signs of ageing whilst adding much needed hydration to the skin. It will assist in the reduction of hyperpigmentation by restoring a healthy luminosity to the skin. There is minimal downtime with mild pinkness and minimal flaking.
  • At-home Retinol Peel
    • This is an amazing mixture of retinol and bromelain to exfoliate the surface and penetrate deeply for maximum results. Retinol is the powerhouse of all skin treatments. It is ideal for sun damaged skin, wrinkled and coarser skin, pigmentation and acne. Some pinkness and mild flaking is normal after this best-selling treatment.
  • At-home Microneedling package
    • Microneedling can stimulate new collagen and elastin production to improve skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles and even acne scarring. We’ve combined our microneedling treatment with a cocktail of Vitamin A and B to support new collagen and healthy skin repair. Again, some temporary skin pinkness is quite normal afterwards.
MUSE Home Skincare Kit
Home skin consultation

Step-by-step guide to the process:

  • After selection, your At-home treatment kit is posted to your home.
  • At your leisure, you can Book Online through the MUSE Clinic website for the dermal therapist to video call at a time convenient to you.
  • Your appointment is confirmed by SMS and you will receive email instructions regarding your appointment and the set-up. It is important to select a location in your home with good lighting to allow a clear video call for the dermal therapist to assess your skin.
  • Our dermal therapist will call you via FaceTime, Viber or Zoom at your preferred time. They will then walk you through every step of the process and supervise each step. They will be constantly available throughout to maximise the precision of the treatment and also uphold the highest safety standards.

At-home skin care treatment results

The results of your At-home treatment will depend on your skin’s starting point, your desired end point and the number of treatments our skilled dermal therapists suggest. We can tailor a program suited to you and your skin to help achieve the goals that are important to you.

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