Cosmetic basics series: Lips

Cosmetic basics series: Lips

Cosmetic basics series
Lets get back to basics: Lips

The last of this weeks “back to basics” series is an old favourite- lips!

5) Lips:

The key to great looking lips is a thorough pre-assessment of the whole face, gradual treatments to subtly enhance the lip, and ensuring that the surrounding tissue framing the lip is not neglected. Over-enhanced lips tend to be distracting and usually don’t complement the rest of the face, leading to the dreaded “trout-pout” or “ducky lips.” The key is subtlety and creating a natural looking lip that suits the rest of the face and still looks youthful and fresh. Dermal filler will generally last for about 6 months or so in the lip and expect a bit of swelling for the first couple of days.

Dr Stephen Lowe