Cosmetic basics series: Nasolabial folds

nasolabial folds

Cosmetic basics series: Nasolabial folds

Cosmetic basics series
Lets get back to basics: Nasolabial folds

As part of this weeks “back to basics” series- today we look at nasolabial folds.

4) Nasolabial folds:

Some people refer to these as “smile lines” but they are really a normal facial feature of smiling due to the contraction of the smiling muscles and the movements of the cheek tissue. They generally start to annoy people when they are there all the time and extend all the way from the nose to the corners of the mouth and beyond. The recent trend has been to address the origin of the nasolabial fold by adding volume to the cheek. This always makes sense, but sometimes this is a gradual and more subtle process, so there are times where some dermal filler along the course of the nasolabial fold results in instant improvement and satisfaction.

Dr Stephen Lowe

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