COVID-19- changing the face of cosmetics

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COVID-19- changing the face of cosmetics

COVID-19 has meant the world has changed drastically over the last few weeks. There has been no time in recent memory where we have had such rigid restrictions on our day to day living. Social distancing was once a term used by academics but has now become part of our day to day vocabulary. COVID-19 has forced us to all adapt to a new way of living; but does our skin have to also suffer?

Beauty clinics and cosmetic medicine clinics are closed but most patients don’t want to stop treatments altogether. Many have expressed the need for a familiar routine and a sense of normality. As a doctor, I don’t want patients to lose any of the benefits from previous skin treatments. So, we’ve introduced a few new skin treatments that our patients can do at home. To keep the treatments safe, we’re keeping our dermal therapist involved. We’ve set up video consultations so the dermal therapist can monitor the whole treatment. We’ll continue to deliver what we are known for at MUSE: medically-based, results-driven, outcome-focused treatments.

Even if patients aren’t keen for home treatments, they can still make amazing improvements with regular skin care. A lot of the success of home skin regimes is through establishing routine. This time of social isolation gives us the time to get ourselves in to these new habits. Do they not say it takes three weeks to form a new habit? Maybe it’s perfect timing?!

We are passionate about Ultraceuticals skin products and believe in their science and testing philosophies. They have a strong focus on evidence-based skin care which aligns with our vision at MUSE Clinic too. Our dermal therapists can put together a plan that gets you on the road to healthy skin, with minimal fuss…all from the comfort of your own home!

Dr Stephen Lowe


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