How to spot a fake Ultherapy treatment…

Spot a fake Ultherapy

How to spot a fake Ultherapy treatment…

Ultherapy is the Gold Standard in non-surgical skin tightening. Competitor devices, commonly known as HIFU, have been launched to the already crowded cosmetic market however Ultherapy continues to reign supreme. So what are the key differences that make Ultherapy so popular and successful and how can we identify a counterfeit machine?

What’s the difference?

Since Ultherapy was launched in 2008, there have now been over 1.75 million Ultherapy treatments worldwide. It was designed and continues to be manufactured in the USA and is supported by dozens of quality medical research publications confirming its safe and effective use. Ultherapy is MFU-V technology; this stands for Micro-Focused Ultrasound with Visualisation. There is only one Ultherapy. HIFU (standing for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a broader term covering a number of devices from a number of different manufacturers.  China and Korea are where these HIFU devices are predominantly designed and manufactured. There is a variable amount of scientific literature supporting the effectiveness and safety of each of the HIFU devices.  This means there is some uncertainty about the expected result or risks associated with the treatment.


By combining the power and safety of ultrasound, Ultherapy is able to concentrate ultrasound energy at specific depths under the skin surface. This focused energy creates heat, which is turn stimulates the production of newer, stronger and more organised collagen fibres. We need collagen to maintain a fresh and more youthful skin appearance, and to help tighten and lift age-related skin laxity. Ultherapy is able to focus this energy at specific depths under the skin surface.  Given all our faces are different, it’s crucial that this valuable ultrasound energy is accurately targeted at the correct layers of the face.


One of the unique features about Ultherapy is Real Time Visualisation. Real Time Visualisation utilises a live ultrasound scanner to be able to identify the specific layers of the skin.  This optimises the precision and accuracy of your treatment. HIFU doesn’t offer Real Time Visualisation limiting its ability to ensure accurate delivery of the ultrasound energy to the target layer of the skin that can stimulate collagen production.


Real Time Visualisation is also the cornerstone of Ultherapy’s SEE PLAN TREAT approach. This treatment guideline focuses on tailoring treatments to everyone’s individual faces and particular needs. There is a heavy reliance on the use of Real Time Visualisation to ensure that your face is accurately mapped and the treatment adjusted throughout to optimise the result. Without this real-time ultrasound imaging, you are firing in the dark! Quite literally! Ultherapy provides personalised treatment…it’s the ultimate Hyper-Personal Lift! This is what makes Ultherapy so requested and desired and why competitors want in on the action with their replica devices.


Given Ultherapy’s advanced technology, there are always going to be counterfeit machines competing for a slice of Ultherapy’s success. Alarmingly, there are a number of fake devices that can look almost identical to Ultherapy! It’s so important to ensure it is a genuine machine as fake devices will not deliver the same result, safety or scientific reassurance.


What to Look For

Here are some of the ways to ensure your treatment is real…


  1. Ask your provider to show you the Genuine Ultherapy orange sticker on their machine. All genuine Ultherapy clinics are given this sticker with their machine purchase.
  2. Ask to see the Certificate of Authenticity. Genuine Ultherapy clinics are issued with this certificate as a way of proving their legitimate status providing proper Ultherapy treatments.
  3. Check out to search for a registered clinic. Only genuine devices are listed on this website.
  4. You can also ask for a record of the serial number from the ultrasound transducers used during the treatment to be confident that all components of your treatment are genuine.


The Warning Signs

Beware of cheap deals and discounted treatments too! If your treatment is heavily discounted, question its authenticity…some things are just too good to be true!

Ultherapy is a sophisticated skin tightening technology which has repeated been recognised with top awards and the prestigious Gold Standard status. Ultherapy is backed with rigorous scientific and safety data to ensure you can expect the very best but counterfeit devices are commonplace so it’s important to be aware of the markers of a genuine machine and always ensure you are getting the real deal!