ClearV Laser Vein Removal

Laser vein removal with ClearV

Introducing the newest and most powerful vascular laser from Sciton.  ClearV laser vein removal is an effective way to treat spider veins, blue veins around the eyes, broken vessels on the face and even Port Wine Stains leaving you with healthier looking and more confidence in your appearance.

While spider veins don’t cause any health problems, they can be a source of embarrassment, particularly when they form on a noticeable area of your body such as your face.

Pregnancy, weight gain, sun exposure and age can all lead to prominant veins and even though diet and exercise can make them less common, there is no concrete way to prevent spider veins from ever forming.

Laser vein removal is an effective way to treat existing spider veins, leaving you with healthier looking skin and more confidence in your appearance.

What to Expect

Following your consultation with Dr Lowe or one of his experienced clinicians, a qualified laser technician will prepare the affected area.

As the laser passes over the skin, the heat is absorbed by the blood vessels, which collapses them. Once the vessels are deemed useless, the body will begin breaking them down and will eliminate them through the lymphatic system. Patients can expect to feel short bursts of heat as the laser moves over the skin but a built-in cooling system ensures that treatment is comfortable. If you are still concerned about comfort, mention this to your technician ahead of your treatment.

The average laser vein removal treatment will not take longer than an hour but this is dependent on the area/s that needs to be treated. Even though the treated area will be slightly red and swollen after treatment, a cold compress will allow you to return to your normal activities directly after your appointment.

Patients should also expect the veins to appear slightly darker for a few weeks while the body’s natural processes take effect. If more than one treatment will be required, they should be spaced 8 – 12 weeks apart. Smaller areas such as the nose will require fewer treatments while larger areas and excessive dilated capillaries will require more.

Laser vein removal with ClearV

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Ideal Candidates for Laser Vein Removal

If you are bothered by the appearance of veins on your legs or any other areas of your body, you could be an ideal candidate for ClearV laser vein removal. Patients who are currently taking blood thinning medications or any medication that causes photosensitivity are not suitable candidates for this treatment. Patients who are pregnant can not be treated. It should be noted that laser vein removal is not suited to varicose veins – sclerotherapy is a better option for varicose veins.

Laser Vein Removal Results

Following laser vein removal, the vessels underneath your skin will begin to change colour, going from dark blue to light red. Most patients can expect their spider veins to completely disappear within 2 – 6 weeks but the skin will improve after each session. We will be able to give you a better idea of how many treatments will be required based on your specific requirements. Once the vein disappears, there is very little chance that it would return but there is a chance that new veins may form if you’ve developed them in the past – additional treatments may be required in the future.

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