Limelight IPL

non-invasive facial that improves skin tone

In a country where the temperatures and weather can be severe, sun-damaged skin is a reality for many. Where there were once very few treatment options available for sun-damaged skin, today, repairing your skin and rejuvenating your appearance is easier than ever.

Developed by Cutera, Limelight is a powerful intense pulse light (IPL) system that is based on in-depth research and results.

Limelight IPL is a non-invasive photo facial that improves skin tone and reduces the appearance of surface imperfections associated with ageing and sun damage using light energy. This versatile treatment can be customised for different skin tones and conditions – just one of the reasons for its popularity in Australia.

What to Expect

Following a review of your medical history and your skin concerns, we will determine whether a Limelight photofacial is the ideal solution for you.

During your treatment, an IPL handpiece will be used to gently heat up the skin. As the light energy passes through the surface of the skin, it has a therapeutic effect on the pigmented and damaged cells and tissue. Along with releasing pigmented cells and reducing blood flow to broken capillaries, the photofacial will also stimulate collagen production, which will gradually smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone.

Patients can expect a mild pinching or stinging sensation during their treatment, however, a gel or cold compress will be used to cool and soothe the skin. The average Limelight treatment takes about an hour to complete but this will depend on the area that needs to be treated. One to three treatments are recommended to achieve optimal results but severely sun damaged skin may require more.

Directly after your treatment, lesions and imperfections will appear darker and your skin will appear slightly red and swollen but this will only last a few hours. Over the course of the next week or two, any darkened spots will flake off and the redness produced by broken capillaries will dissipate.

We will provide you with a specific set of aftercare instructions that should be carefully followed in order to enhance your results and protect your skin from further damage going forward.

What Can Be Treated with Limelight IPL?

The face, neck arms, legs, back, hands and décolletage are the areas that are most often treated with Limelight IPL. Here are the issues that can be addressed with this treatment:

  • Redness: Diffuse redness associated with broken capillaries
  • Pigmentation: Reduce the appearance of pigmentation associated with sun damage
  • Sun Spots: Minimise sun and age spots on the face and hands
  • Rosacea: Treat the symptoms associated with rosacea

Ideal Candidates for Limelight IPL

While we will need to analyse your skin prior to determining whether you are the right candidate for this treatment, overall, it is more ideal for fair, untanned skin. If you have blotchy, sun damaged or discoloured skin, Limelight IPL can reduce the appearance of sun and age-related imperfections.

Unfortunately, patients with darker skin are not ideal candidates for this treatment because there’s a higher risk of pigmentation. Patients who are currently using Isotretinoin will only be able to consider an IPL treatment six months after they have stopped taking the medication. Lastly, IPL treatments are not recommended for pregnant women.

Limelight IPL Results

The results of your Limelight IPL treatment will become more prominent after one to three weeks once the pigmented spots start to flake and fade. While some patients will respond to treatment much sooner, it’s best to wait one month before you decide whether you should schedule a second treatment.

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