Cosmetic basics series: Forehead lines

Cosmetic basics explaining forehead lines

Cosmetic basics series: Forehead lines

Non-surgical cosmetic basics series

Forehead lines

‘Back to basics’ is a series of posts we are doing on the most common “go-to” cosmetic treatments.  Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are not new but have become significantly more common over the past 15 or so years.  In fact, it would be uncommon to walk through any shopping district without seeing at least a few clinics dotted around! But cosmetic treatments are always going to be new for someone.  Let’s have a look at the basics and discuss the most common treatments requested, starting with frown lines.

With industry growth comes new developments and cosmetic medicine is becoming more complex and sophisticated. I think it’s really important to get a solid grasp of the “basics” so that every patient achieves a perfect result every single time. Typical areas of concern for lots of patients include forehead lines, frown wrinkles and crow’s feet. Muscle relaxing injections are quick, relatively pain-free and generally start effect after a few days and last for around 3 months. Contrary to popular belief, the aim is not the freeze the face, but soften the lines for a more relaxed and rested appearance.

So this week is a recap of the “non-surgical cosmetic basics,” starting today with forehead lines.

Forehead lines:

To some, they add character but to others they are a daily reminder of the ageing process. For those people, some muscle relaxing injections might be the answer. This treatment works by reducing the strength of the muscle and softening the overlying skin. For women, keeping the doses lower and the placement perfect, helps relax deep lines, soften early creases and keep the eye brows in a great position. For men, a few more doses might be needed to keep the eyebrows squarer and masculine to avoid feminising the face by creating an eyebrow arch.

Dr Stephen Lowe

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