Cosmetic basics series: Anti-wrinkle treatment for frown lines

Anti-wrinkle frown lines

Cosmetic basics series: Anti-wrinkle treatment for frown lines

Anti-wrinkle treatment for frown lines: As part of the “Back to Basics” non-surgical cosmetic treatments series, let’s focus on another of the commonest cosmetic treatments.

Frown lines:

There are not many people who love their frown lines! In fact, does anyone? Those deep lines can appear between the eyebrows and make us look angry, frustrated or miserable. Even when we don’t feel it! It is usually the commonest requested treatment for a first-time cosmetic virgin. And it usually generates the biggest satisfaction rating when the treatment kicks in!

Untreated frown lines will deepen over time and eventually become deep and permanent. Fortunately, frown lines are easily fixed by basic non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The anti-wrinkle treatment for frown lines involves small injections of muscle relaxing medication. These injections are quick and usually pain-free and the results typically start to kick in after a few days. By 2 weeks, the results are at their maximum and most people with appreciate improvement for around 3 months. Men typically need higher doses than women. This is mainly due to thicker muscles but there may even be some biological variations between the receptors on male and female muscle fibres.

I think it’s important not to create a frozen appearance. Most people are now wary about looking over treated or “done.” I think it’s essential that we retain some movement to create an appearance that is more refreshed than frozen! Frozen faces are a clear giveaway to over-treatment.

In the case of really stubborn lines that don’t just disappear after anti-wrinkle injections, it’s possible to add a little dermal filler to soften the deepest of the lines. Two weeks later, the frown lines are softened and instead of looking angry and grumpy, a fresher version of you is revealed! There is even good evidence that treating the frown lines can even improve our mood!

Dr Stephen Lowe

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