Pania Pale-Eli (RN)

Cosmetic Nurse Pania

Pania Pale-Eli

Senior Cosmetic Nurse

Cosmetic Nurse Pania developed a fascination with skin as she sought a solution to her own teenage acne and scarred skin. She quickly realised her knowledge and skills should be shared with others to help them achieve improved skin confidence too! This passion for skin initially had Pania pursue a career in dermal therapy and health sciences.  Her love of sharing knowledge allowed her to lecture and mentor new dermal therapist students. There is nothing that Pania doesn’t know about good skin!


However, Pania wanted to be able to offer her patients even more, so advanced her studies with nursing. As a Registered Nurse she has developed particular skills in skin regeneration using dermal filler, platelet-rich plasma, collagen stimulating fillers and anti-wrinkle injection and when she combines this with her advanced skin treatments plans, she is able to achieve truly outstanding results.


Her Advanced Cosmetic Injecting skills and global skin approach, repairs and rejuvenates the skin, slows the signs of ageing and helps restores inner confidence to everyone she treats!

Cosmetic Nurse Pania

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