The Liquid Face Lift using dermal filler

Liquid Facelift Using Dermal Filler, Muse Clinic Sydney

The Liquid Face Lift using dermal filler

Non-surgical treatments have become increasingly popular as people try to avoid the downtime and risks associated with surgical procedures.  An amazing treatment is The Liquid Facelift using dermal filler (typically hyaluronic acid or HA) to restore volume, lift sagging skin, tighten laxity and turn back the clock with less risk and instant result!

Over time our face lose volume, with gradual loss of subcutaneous fat which is responsible for providing shape. This volume loss causes skin laxity, wrinkles and general flatness and ‘hollows’ which makes us look ‘tired’ or ‘aged’. Dermal fillers help reverse the ageing process. These HA fillers are highly sophisticated synthetic gels that give volume to the skin in areas suffering from volume loss.  The procedure is very safe, as the dermal filler used is practically identical to your skin’s own hyaluronic acid and can play a major role in rejuvenating and reshaping the face without having to go under the knife.

The hyaluronic acid filler adds volume to the skin by attracting a 1000 x its own weight of water to the area where it is injected. This means a small amount of filler can often achieve a big result. It also means the filler starts to work straight away to fill and contour your face naturally. Instantly you will notice that your wrinkles have improved and that your face is more subtly lifted. These improvements continue over time as the filler integrates in to the skin and depending on the type of filler used, can last up to 18 months.

Two to three weeks after your treatment, you will find that your skin is firmer with better texture and more elasticity, with youthful facial curves that provide a fresh, healthy, rejuvenated appearance.

It’s best to start with 5ml of filler, but it’s not unusual to use double this amount. The key is being clever and strategic with its placement (and this is where is skilled and experienced cosmetic injector comes in!) 5ml or 10ml might sound like a lot, but if injected well it can create lift, structure and shape without any tell-tale signs of “having work done.”

The aim is to LIFT sagging jowls, nasolabial lines and the hollows under the eyes; whilst creating CONTOUR to deflated cheeks and ageing lips to really highlight those key facial features.

Liquid facelift

Which Facial Areas Can Be Rejuvenated?

Upper Face
Hollowness at the temples
Lifting of the Outer Eyebrows

Mid Face
Cheek Flatness/Hollows (between the eye and ‘smile line’)
Cheek augmentation
Tear Troughs (the curved groove under the eyes)

Cheekbone Lift
The Cheekbone Lift gives volume to the cheeks and underneath the eyes eliminating the ‘sunken appearance’ so often associated with ageing.
The Cheekbone Lift provides an instant transformation lifting the cheekbones and leaving your face looking plumper and more naturally youthful, without risk of the ‘pillow face’ look.

Lower Face
‘Smile Lines’
Areas of volume loss around the corners of the mouth and chin
Chin augmentation

The Jowl Lift
The Jowl Lift tightens the skin along the jaw line, as well as evening out any imperfections if the face is asymmetrical


The Liquid Face Lift aims to emphasise the beautiful contours of your face, giving you a natural rejuvenated and healthy appearance at any age. All with less risks than surgery and with the added benefit of an instant result!


Wendy Taylor – Senior Cosmetic Nurse


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