Universkin Tailored Skincare

Your skin + Your doctor = Your Formula
Universkin tailored skincare

Your skin + Your doctor = Your formula

No two skins are exactly the same, so why would your skin care not be as individual as you are?

Universkin is the ultimate in personalised skin care. Formulated and compounded fresh here in MUSE Clinic, Universkin is perfectly tailored to your exact skin needs with the formula changing as your skin evolves through different stages of your life. This exclusive dermatology-based skincare range has been formulated by plastic surgeons, biologists, pathologists, chemists and dermatologists. It combines functional dermatology with active ingredients supported by the greatest medical evidence, to create skin care that is bespoke and as individual as you are.

What to Expect

You complete a questionnaire which assesses eight key skin functions and concerns including skin redness, texture, pigmentation and oxidative stress. Universkin has also developed SkinXs, an advanced artificial intelligence platform that analyses a photograph of your skin and combines the questionnaire findings with a visual assessment. The doctor then reviews the findings and creates a unique combination of active ingredients tailored to your key skin concerns.

There are 19 active ingredients selected by Universkin based in their efficacy and tolerance. This creates 1.8 million potential combinations, allowing us to create truly personalised skincare. Universkin Serum P is a multi-purpose soothing serum full of biomimetic peptides and hyaluronic acid which forms the base of your personalised skincare. After choosing the correct active ingredients, we compound your unique serum in front on you within minutes.

As your skin concerns change over time, your Universkin prescription can be fine-tuned to match your skin needs.


Universkin products

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What Can the Universkin Range Treat

Universkin focuses on eight key skin functions and concerns and matches active ingredients best able to create real change.

Oxidative stress (UV | Lifestyle | Pollution): Ferulic acid | SOD

Skin appearance (Wrinkles | Sagging | Volume loss): Isoflavones | DMAE | Retinol | Madecassoside | L-Ascorbic acid

Skin redness: Rutin | Vitamin B3 | Azelaic acid

Skin dryness and dehydration: Vitamin B5 | Aloe vera

Skin texture: Salicylic acid | Phytic acid | Glycolic acid

Skin oiliness: Zinc sulphate

Skin pigmentation: Arbutin | Kojic acid

Pimples: Lactopeptides


Universkin Serum P is supported by Nexultra O hydrating oil cleanser, Nexultra B advanced skin rebalance anhydrous balm, Nexultra 1,2 and 3 advanced skin rebalance emulsions and Universkin H hydrating booster serum. There is also Nexultra UV SPF50 mineral powder to ensure complete sun protection.

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