Vitamin Skin Infusion

boost your skin with the help of essential nutrients

Vitamin infusion drips are ideal for providing your body with essential vitamins and nutrients but is your skin getting what it needs too?

In order for your skin to look and feel healthy, supple and youthful, it needs oxygen, good blood flow and the right blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, something you can’t always achieve with topical skin care products and oral supplements.

Vitamin skin infusion treatments are designed to boost your skin with the help of the essential nutrients that it is often deprived of.

Our experienced clinicians’ in-depth knowledge of the underlying structures of the skin means patients will receive a special combination of ingredients that have been specifically chosen to treat their unique skin concerns.

What to Expect

Vitamin skin infusion sessions are often included in patient treatment plans as a way to enhance the results of other cosmetic treatments. However, they can also be used as once-off treatments for skin that looks tired and dull.

Vitamin infusion treatments are a vitamin drink for your skin. Once an appropriate blend of vitamin serums has been selected and applied, soundwave technology will be used to create a channel through the different layers of the skin, allowing the nutrients to pass through more effectively while also increasing absorption rates.

Following your treatment, your skin may appear slightly red but this will subside within 24 hours. Vitamin skin infusion treatments are quick and can be scheduled over your lunch break. Makeup can also be applied directly after your treatment.

It is recommended that patients receive four treatments every two weeks for optimal results but this is also effective as a stand-alone treatment for special occasions.
We can also assist you with a new skin care regime that you can use at home to enhance your results.

The Benefits of Vitamin Skin Infusion

Here are some of the key benefits of vitamin skin infusion:

  • Improve the texture of your skin
  • Stimulate collagen production to increase skin elasticity
  • Improve blood flow and oxygenation to the skin
  • Prevent pigmentation problems from forming
  • Revitalise the skin and create a healthy glow

Ideal Candidates for Vitamin Skin Infusion

Vitamin skin infusion treatments are ideal for all skin types and anyone who is starting to see early signs of ageing. While vitamin C helps stimulate collagen production, B vitamins help fight pigmentation and counteract any damage caused by free radicals. Zinc will boost the immunity of your skin, while ingredients such as glutathione detoxify the skin and prevent acne.

Vitamin Skin Infusion Results

The results that you see after your vitamin skin infusion treatment are dependent on what you wanted to treat to begin with. Most patients can expect to see results within a few hours, which will last several days.

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