HELP ME HELP YOU Lifestyle choices and cosmetic rejuvenation

cosmetic rejuvenation

HELP ME HELP YOU Lifestyle choices and cosmetic rejuvenation

HELP ME HELP YOU Lifestyle choices and cosmetic rejuvenation


How much does your lifestyle impact the treatments and intervention on the menu at a clinic like MUSE? When clients approach us, we embark on a tailor made, customised program together, which I think of as a partnership. There are things that I can do to help a patient’s face and body look better; equally, there are things that the patient can do to optimise those results.


Of course, we expect everyone that walks in the door to have a life. It is part of everyday living to unwind with a drink, work too hard sometimes and hit the beach on a gorgeous, sunny day. But the biological reality remains that there are ways to enhance, rather than sabotage, what we do for you here at MUSE. Staying hydrated and getting a good night’s sleep are going to boost a treatment’s effectiveness and help the body’s own biomechanisms give you the full benefit of what I am creating with filler, laser, peels and PRP. My advice is always going to be, don’t book in a treatment then go out and have 8 tequilas.


I am open to taking on a client who admits to partying hard or is a smoker. In some ways their skin may be in even more need of my help, as smoking alone has a very damaging effect on blood supply to the skin. I am not here to judge; I am just here to heal. I will always be upfront though – very high alcohol intake and carcinogens from smoking will cause healing treatments to slow down and take longer, so it will be a lengthier process to reach the endpoint of glowing skin.


I know of medical practitioners who are not interested in working with smokers, in case they do not get the desired results. I don’t think in terms of a potential client being ‘not worthy’ however. If a smoker wants to invest in their skin, I am happy to help them, as long as they are aware that this may diminish the effect of our treatments. The bottom line is that they are going to get a better result if they stop smoking. Short term heavy drinking, beyond everyday social drinking of a few units of alcohol, increases the skin’s bruise rate, post injectible treatment, and statistically comes with other risk factors that are detrimental to health. For example, heavy drinkers are more likely to smoke.


I find that cosmetic rejuvenation and looking after yourself tend to go hand in hand: those interested in finding out how to brake-pad the effects of ageing actually start to modify their lifestyle anyway. If someone is going to go to the trouble and expense of treatments, they instinctively edge towards an early night, making that call themselves – “maybe I won’t have that cocktail.” When people are investing in their face and appearance, the majority of the time they are asking me what they can do to prolong the good effects. They want to look after their investment.


Another way that clients can boost the work that I do is by being vigilant about SPF protection against the sun’s harmful rays. It makes sense to prevent future damage while I am repairing past damage. I always give the same homework: SPF 50+ sun protection every single day.   You get more than enough sun exposure on peripheral parts of your body to get vitamin D, you can afford to block the face from premature ageing. Apply, reapply. Please note, SPF in your foundation is NOT adequate as it usually hovers around 15%. You need separate sunscreen to get the effect of high SPF. It is so worth it.


Asian women are a cosmetic doctor’s dream example of taking care of the skin. Because white, even-toned skin is so prized in their culture, they are vigilant about wearing visors, broad brimmed hats and scarves. We try to do the same thing for our clients by providing top quality sunscreen – we recommend medibrand Ultraceuticals.


All in all, looking after yourself means the treatments won’t have to do all the heavy lifting.


Skin always reflects overall good health. Eat enough protein; drink plenty of water before you get thirsty; ditch processed fast food. Your body will grow better collagen and you will GLOW.


By Dr Stephen Lowe