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Australians are definitely no strangers to the sun and while it feels good to soak in the rays over the weekends, it can end up wreaking havoc on your skin.

Sun spots are one of the most visible signs of sun damage and not only do they make you appear older but sun exposure also increases your risk of developing cancer.

Sun spots are the result of the natural production of pigment in your skin when it is exposed to the sun. Over time, pigment starts to collect in specific areas that have been repeatedly exposed to the sun, which is when sun spots become more prominent. Continuing to expose these spots to the sun will cause them to become darker.

While sun spots are most commonly seen in people over the age of 55, they can affect younger men and women too, particularly if they spend a lot of time in the sun or use tanning beds.

It’s imperative to protect your skin whenever you step outside but if you already have sun spots present on your face or other areas of your body, there are treatment options available.

Sun Spot Treatment Options

Here are a few of the ways that you can reduce the appearance of sun spots.

– BBL and Limelight IPL
BBL and Limelight (IPL) systems were developed to repair the damage caused by sun exposure. Light energy is used to gently heat up the skin, which will help release the pigmented cells from the affected area. Treatments can be mildly uncomfortable for some but a soothing gel and a cold compress can be used to minimise any discomfort. Patients will require more than one treatment to achieve the desired result.
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– Pearl Laser Resurfacing
The Pearl skin resurfacing laser delivers heat into the deeper layers of the skin, which rejuvenates the sun-damaged cells. Treatments generally last about 1 hour but because they can be slightly intense, patients require at least a few days downtime, which will also give the skin a chance to recover. Results are significant but patients may need to wait several months before the full results will be visible.
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– Photodynamic Therapy
Photodynamic therapy is a revolutionary new treatment for sunspots and superficial skin cancers, providing patients with total skin rejuvenation, less downtime and faster recovery, something that not a lot of other treatment methods can offer.

Photodynamic therapy combines a photo-sensitising solution activated by LED light therapy. This treatment carries a few days of downtime but the final results are significant.
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– Cosmeceutical Home Skincare
To ensure that you are providing your skin with the necessary care at home in between your treatments, MUSE Clinic can assist you with a custom skincare plan that incorporates products from the Ultraceuticals range. Utraceuticals is an Australian skincare brand that produces high-quality products that are backed by science and are free from harmful chemicals, dyes and fragrances.
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