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Our aim at MUSE Clinic

Is to facilitate women and men to look as good as they possibly can. As part of this, we’ve always had a focus on the long as well as the short term goal. Investing in the right treatments now is crucial to ensuring natural, healthy appearances in to the future.

Our three package options are focused on stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin, two of the most essential proteins in our body required for healthy skin, support and lift. Production of these proteins is the cornerstone of healthy ageing.

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TIMELESS Complexion

This package focuses on the outermost layers of the skin to improve pigmentation, redness, fine lines and wrinkles. It involves a course of three BBL (Broad Band Light) laser treatments combined with our most advanced lactic acid and retinol peel. This peel continues to remodel the skin over a few weeks, resulting in progressive improvements over the three month course of treatment. Combined with BBL, this is a perfect combination to brighten, tighten and perfect the skin.


What’s included
Three sessions of face BBL each with lactic acid/retinol peel.


This package builds on the TIMELESS Complexion package with the addition of the collagen stimulator injection Radiesse. Over a number of weeks, Radiesse can stimulate new collagen and elastin in the skin as well as strengthening the connective tissues that fasten the skin to the deeper layers of the face. We’ve also added our Healite LED to this package to promote further repair and regeneration at a cellular level.


What’s included
Three sessions of BBL each with lactic acid/retinol peels, 2 x syringes of Radiesse and 4 sessions of Healite LED.

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This package builds even further on TIMELESS Revive by adding a full face Ultherapy treatment to the treatment plan. Ultherapy uses safe ultrasound technology to achieve tightening and new collagen at the deepest layers of the face. It’s critical to achieve improvement at these deepest layers to ensure improvement in all the layers above.  To take this treatment plan to the next level, we have also added additional Healite LED for maximum repair and regeneration.


What’s included
Three sessions of BBL each with lactic acid/retinol peels, 2 x syringes of Radiesse for collagen stimulation, full face Ultherapy and 6 sessions of Healite LED.

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