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The development of lines and wrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process but facial expressions can often leave the most noticeable and lasting lines across your face. Anti wrinkle injections treatment with natural results can be achieved at MUSE Clinic in Sydney, giving a more youthful and stress-free appearance.

Deep creases have the ability to make you appear tired, stern or older than you really are but anti wrinkle injections are designed to target the muscles that are responsible for creating these lines and creases.

Anti wrinkle injections are backed by science and research, offering patients a simple and effective way to treat the effects of the repetitive contraction of the facial muscles. A number of small injections are capable of producing long-lasting effects, with each session only lasting several minutes.

Using our thorough understanding of facial anatomy and proven injection techniques, we can help you achieve a refreshed and youthful appearance after just one session.

What to Expect

The average anti-wrinkle injection session won’t last longer than 30 minutes, making it an ideal lunchtime treatment.

During your appointment, your skin will be cleaned and prepped before a series of small injections will be used on the areas you want to treat. A topical numbing agent can be applied should you be concerned about discomfort. Once the product is injected, it will gradually start relaxing the muscles of the face, which reduces the stress on your skin.

Anti wrinkle injections can improve or completely remove the lines and creases that have appeared as a result of repetitive muscle contraction but it will also prevent new lines from forming going forward. If the product is unable to completely remove existing creases, it will at least prevent them from becoming deeper by inhibiting ongoing contractions of the underlying muscles.

Most patients will require a top-up treatment every three to four months to maintain their results. However, with regular use, patients will eventually require fewer treatments to retain the effects of the anti wrinkle injections.

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections Before and After

What Can Be Treated with Anti Wrinkle Injections?

Here are some of the most common areas and concerns that can be treated with anti wrinkle injections:

  • Frown Lines:Furrows or vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows
  • Surprise Lines:Horizontal lines that appear across the forehead
  • Bunny Lines:Lines that appear on the nose when it is scrunched
  • Crow’s Feet:Lines around the sides of the eyes
  • Under Eye Lines:Lines that appear underneath the eyes

While these are some of the most common areas to be treated with anti wrinkle injections, it also has a few other uses, including:

  • Neck Bands:Removes vertical lines across the neck
  • Gummy Smile:Relax the muscles that cause an excessive amount of upper gum to show when smiling
  • Turned Down Mouth:Lift the corners of the mouth
  • Flared Nostrils:Reduce the appearance of larger nostrils
  • Canine Smile:Reduce the appearance of a snarled smile
  • Jawline Slimming (Masseter):Reduce the appearance of a wide jaw
  • Hyperhidrosis:Block the nerve signals that cause excessive sweating
  • Calf Muscle Slimming:Reduce the appearance of large calf muscles
  • Trapezius Slimming:Reduce the size of developed muscles to give a more delicate neckline.

Ideal Candidates for Anti Wrinkle Injections

To determine your suitability for treatment with anti wrinkle injections, you will need to have a consultation at MUSE Clinic in Sydney to assess your individual characteristics and discuss your desired results. Following a thorough analysis of your medical history and your skin, we will be able to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for anti wrinkle injections. The severity of the lines and creases that you want to minimise will be taken into account before a personalised treatment plan can be finalised.

As a guide, patients should be in good physical and mental health, and have realistic expectations as to the results that anti-wrinkle treatment can achieve. Unfortunately, pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as patients with underlying nerve conditions, will not be able to undergo this treatment. Additionally, patients should not have any active skin injections in the treatment area.

The Anti-Wrinkle Procedure

Anti-wrinkle injections, or wrinkle relaxers, work by blocking the nerves impulses that control muscle contraction in the targeted area. Your treatment area will be thoroughly sterilized before treatment, and a topical numbing cream can be used to aid your comfort levels. Using a tiny needle, small amounts of the wrinkle relaxer will be precisely injected into the treatment area at a time.

The specific steps of the procedure will vary, depending on the goal of the treatment and the area that is being treated:

  • To treat fine lines and wrinkles, the wrinkle relaxer will be injected into the affected area to relax the muscles, preventing the muscle contraction that causes lines to show. To help determine the precise area that the wrinkle relaxer will need to be placed, your injector might ask you to frown, squint or make other facial expressions to allow full visibility of the lines.
  • If the purpose of your anti-wrinkle treatment is to treat a gummy smile, the wrinkle relaxers will be placed in the areas that will relax the smile, causing less gum to show. Usually, the injections are placed on either side of the nose to relax the muscle that pulls the top lip up too high.
  • If your treatment will be focused on slimming the calf muscles, the anti-wrinkle injections will be injected into the muscle to reduce the size. The amount of wrinkle relaxer used will depend on the size of the calf muscles.
  • To treat flared nostrils, winkle relaxer can be injected into the nostrils to soften and weaken the appearance of the flare.
  • To sculpt a wide jaw, anti-wrinkle injections can weaken the muscles around the jaw, creating a smaller jawline.
  • If you need to treat hyperhidrosis, small amounts of wrinkle relaxer can be injected into the affected area, such as the underarms, to inhibit the nerve signals that cause the glands to produce excessive amounts of sweat.

During your consultation at MUSE Clinic in Sydney, your injector can determine the specific procedure steps and explain your treatment plan so that you know what to expect.

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Anti-Wrinkle Injection Recovery

After your anti-wrinkle treatment, you may notice some small red bumps on the treatment area, which should fade within about half an hour. You may also have some minor swelling or bruising that should subside within one week. During your consultation, your injector will provide you with some recovery instructions to make sure that you know how to care for the treatment area after your procedure.

To ensure an efficient recovery, you might be instructed to:

  • Try to move the muscles in the treated are within the first few hours after treatment
  • Try to sleep with your head elevated to reduce swelling
  • Avoid rubbing the treatment area for eight hours
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for one day
  • Avoid excessive exposure to heat and sunlight for about three days
  • Avoid taking any types of blood thinning medication that will be identified during your consultation

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Results

While the results of your anti-wrinkle treatment will not be immediate, you will only need to wait five to seven days for the effects to become noticeable. Patients will gradually start to see a reduction in the lines and wrinkles on their face, with the full results of your treatment becoming visible after two weeks.

The effects of your anti-wrinkle injection treatments will last three to six months but this will depend on how much product was used and how your body reacts to the treatment. As the product begins to wear off, lines and wrinkles will slowly start to reappear, which is when the area will need to be treated again. With continuous use, patients can expect lines and creases to appear less severe, which means fewer anti-wrinkle injection treatments will be required.

Costs of Anti Wrinkle Injections at MUSE Clinic Sydney

Your costs for treatment with wrinkle relaxers will depend on the number of injections that you will need, which will be influenced by the characteristics of the treatment area and your desired results.

Pricing for anti-wrinkle injections is based on a sliding scale, measured by the number of units used. As a guide:

  • Product A $13-$16 per unit
  • Product B $4.50-$6 per unit
  • Product C $12-$15 per unit

Anti-winkle treatment costs are influenced by:

  • The depth of the wrinkles in the treatment area
  • The patient’s desired results
  • The number of units of wrinkle relaxer used
  • The strength of the patient’s muscles in the treatment area
  • The total treatment time

The average amount of units used on each treatment area is about 10 to 20 units, but the exact number will vary from patient to patient. The amount of units needed will also influence the treatment time. Packaging prices are also available.

The most accurate way to estimate your costs is to have a consultation with one of our injectors at MUSE Clinic Sydney.

Risks and Side Effects of Anti Wrinkle Injections

Although cosmetic procedures with injectables are non-invasive, all types of treatment will carry some risks and the chance of side effects. Side effects from anti wrinkle injections are usually temporary and can be quite minor. If you experience any persistent or concerning side effects, you should notify your doctor as soon as possible. Risks and side effects of anti wrinkle injections can include:

  • Swelling
  • Headaches
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Small red bumps
  • Pain or numbness
  • Nausea
  • Blurry vision
  • Drooping of the upper eyelid or the forehead

Your injector will explain the associated risks and complications of wrinkle relaxer treatment during your initial consultation.

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Can anti wrinkle injections prevent future wrinkles from showing?

If patient’s undergo anti-wrinkle treatment early, it can effectively work as a preventative measure. By relaxing the facial muscles, the treatment will stop the frequent muscle movements that cause lines to form in the first place, as well as softening the appearance of the wrinkles that are already visible.

Will anti-wrinkle treatment make me look frozen?

The product that is injected only prevents the underlying muscles from contracting – it does not numb or ‘freeze’ the face. Our injectors strive to create natural-looking results that will compliment your natural beauty.

Will the anti-wrinkle injections hurt?

The wrinkle relaxers are injected with very fine needles and should only create a short sharp sting. Additionally, a topical numbing cream can be applied to create a comfortable treatment. The procedure should be tolerable, and any minor discomfort should subside shortly after treatment.

What causes wrinkles?

With age, the body’s natural collagen production process slows down, which can contribute to the common signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. When the muscles regularly contract in the common problematic areas, such as the forehead or the around the mouth, lines and wrinkles can begin to show, even when the face is completely relaxed. Known as anti-aging injections, wrinkle relaxers can relax these overactive muscles, softening the appearance of the noticeable lines in the targeted area.

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